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Let Freedom Ring

Sometime last year, we released our freedom collection and I decided to post it in a few of the "Black Owned Business" Groups I'm apart of on FaceBook.

"These are cute."

"Wow! Where can I buy"

" None of us are going to buy these. We black. We aint free."

That's the comment that triggered me. And comments like that one is one of the many reasons Freedom Revamped is here today. You see, this man was right. Society as a whole does not want us to be free. If it were up to them, this blog would not be alive unless "Massa" gave me permission, which of course he would not.

However, freedom, for me, is a state of being. Freedom is something we must create for ourselves, starting with our mindset. Who do you think you are? That's the question I ask myself every time someone else tries to define me. "Well, Kourtney, that doesn't matter. Who are you.. to you?"

You see, for so long, I allowed what others thought of me to wrap me up in bondage. I was so possessed with people pleasing that I would change around different groups of people and it become TIRING to the point of burnout.

This was my bondage and this was what I needed to become free from.

Here's my note to you, to us:

They have already preconceived a warped version of us in their minds. They have already decided that we are worthless, that we are thugs, that we are beneath them, that we do not deserve a seat at their table or any table, for that matter.

They're wrong and it's time for us to free ourselves from their conception of us.

We are worthy. We are kings and queens. We are above them. We create tables that they desperately want a seat at (which is why they continue to try to break us.) It is time to...

Let Freedom Ring.

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