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Bitch I've Grown

If you're an avid Beyoncé listener, like me, you've heard her Grown Woman song, where she says, "b**ch, I'm grown." And while I am not (yet) grown, I have grown.

Here's the thing about growth: You have to choose it for yourself. No one can make that decision for you. And when you do finally make that decision, you must put in the work. It's not a bippity-boppity-boo type circumstance. It's more of a shaking, breaking, and mending process.

It's rough, because like anything in life that is worth it: it takes time. There are going to be times when you want to settle for that old version of you that has no place in your next chapter. Note to self: Don't. Continue to strive towards the greatness that God has called you to be.

But that's not the point of this article. The point is B**ch; I've grown. And while we are taught not to brag, I must be proud of the Kourtney I see before myself.

The point is while growth is hard, what happens after might be even harder. There are going to be tests and trials that try to pull you back into that old you. You know the you that would pop off in .5 seconds? That you! Or maybe the old version of you used to seek revenge? That's the you that's going to get tested.

When those tests pop up for me, I remind myself of the process and the journey it took to become the me of today. And I refuse to let all that work be in vain.

You may be wondering why I used a picture of like 5/6-year-old Kourtney. Because as children, we are at our purest. We haven't yet been surrounded by the things of the world that will transform us. We haven't yet encountered the situations that we will need to grow from. The thing is: she's a reminder to grow, a reminder that she is still inside me somewhere, and I am striving to make her proud.


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